Tips To manage Inflammatory Back pain

Are you suffering from severe back pain? Then you must seek help from specialists to get rid of inflammatory back pain. You may get rid of this type of pain with lifestyle changes. In this article, you will learn about tips to manage inflammatory back pain.

Several people are suffering from inflammatory back pain due to certain reasons. If you are one of them and struggling to get rid of back pain, then you first try to understand the back pain causes. You may need to go with certain lifestyle changes according to the causes of back pain. But if you are suffering from inflammatory back pain, then you need to seek help from a specialist. He may prescribe you a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) to get rid of severe pain.

Along with medications, he will surely suggest you below-mentioned tips to ease inflammatory back pain.

Stay Physically Active

You can simply get rid of inflammatory back pain with the help of exercise or physical activity. Make sure, you do not try to practice these exercises yourself without any help. First, you must ask your specialist what type of physical activities are valuable for you to get rid of severe pain. And then learn certain exercises that can strengthen your muscles and give you relief from pain.

Yes, stretching exercises also help to maintain a great spinal posture but make sure, you must avoid practicing high impact exercises because these are harmful to the spine.

For example, you must practice seated thoracic extension. To practice this, you must sit on a chair and then place your hands at the back of the head. And then, keep your head slowly lean back to extend the spine over the back of the chair. You must hold this position for at least 10-15 seconds.

Go with breathing exercises

Your doctor may recommend you go with a breathing exercise. This exercise includes a deep inhaling and exhaling process, which is not only useful to improve lung capacity, but also give you relief from inflammatory back pain. With this breathing exercise, your lungs start working properly without any problem.

Learn to lift heavy items properly

Staying healthy as well as active is necessary to get rid of chronic back pain. To reduce the risk of other chronic conditions, your doctor will probably warn you not to move heavy-weight items alone. And if you have to lift something heavy including a bag of groceries and a piece of furniture, then you should use certain techniques, which are recommended by your therapist.

Use the right mattress

You must choose the right mattress for your bed so that you can maintain a good posture while sleeping. Improper posture while resting as well as sleeping results in severe back pain. Besides, you must try to sleep on your abdomen for at least 30 minutes to get rid of inflammatory back pain.

There are several other tips that will help you to get rid of severe inflammatory pain including-:

  • Be Careful while driving
  • Fall-Proof your Home to reduce the risk of fractures
  • Use a raised Toilet Seat for Comfort
  • maintain a good posture at your workplace
  • Take regular breaks if you are sitting or standing for long hours in your workplace.

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